About CQT Solutions

CQT-solution is an Irish based company founded in 2015 by two colleagues with over 30 years combined experience working in the medical device field. The company was founded to address the following limitations on training for the 25,000 people working in the medical device sector in Ireland.

  • Domestic training tended to be tailored towards the pharmaceutical sector with add on module for the medical device sector.
  • Specific subject matter training for the range of the spectrums in the medical device sector required international travel in Europe or USA.
  • Training costs for international events are cost prohibitive and lead to significant lost days on site.

Our Mission
To provide the Medical Device Industry in Ireland with world class training.

Guiding Principles

Customer focus: Have the customer at the heart of everything we do and focus on their needs
Credible: Provide a world class event and experience on every occasion
Reliable: Deliver the event on time every time
Innovative: Bring the world leading faculties to Ireland to deliver world class training
Flexible: Understand what the customer wants and work around their schedule

Contact Info

  • Phone : +353 (0)21 2439198
  • Email: